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Tel. 35 26 18 90
Monday-Wednesday at. 9.00-11.00
Thursday at. 14.00-16.00
Friday at. 9.00-10.00
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Willemoesgade 18 st tv.
2100 Copenhagen ě
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Only by appointment
Monday-Wednesday at. 8.00-15.00
Thursday at. 10.00-16.30
Friday at. 8.00-14.00

Practical information

In case of emergency please refer to or call 1813.

The eye examination consists of:

Determination of visual acuity and refraction
Measurement of intraocular pressure
Slit-lamp examination of the anterior eye structures and
inspection of all the ocular media
Ophthalmoscopy- examination of retina and optic disc by
using special lenses

Sometimes it will be necessary to perform specialized eye examination such as:

Computer - assisted visual field examination
Optical coherence tomography to obtain detailed images of retina and optic disc
High resolution retinal photography

Please note, dilating eye drops are used to enlarge the pupil and allow better examination of the eye structures. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes for your pupils to fully open. The effects of dilating eye drops last a few hours. While your eyes are dilated, your vision will be blurry and you will be sensitive to light. Sunglasses will help with the glare and light sensitivity when you leave your appointment.

Privacy policy for patients
For the time being our privacy policy is only available in danish text. Read it here: Link to privacy policy (danish)